Bernie Sanders explains on Meet The Press that Biden didn't cause inflation

Bernie Sanders Schools Chuck Todd On Why Inflation Is Not Biden’s Fault

On Meet The Press, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) explained to Chuck Todd why Republicans blaming Biden for inflation is bogus.

Chuck Todd asked Sen. Sanders, “Do you think the American Rescue Plan in 2021 contributed to inflation issue we’re dealing with right now?”

Sanders answered:

No, I don’t.  Inflation I’m sure you know, Chuck, is an international problem. In Germany, it is 10%, U.K. It is 10%, Canada it is 7% inflation globally is caused by the pandemic and the break in supply chains. It is caused by in my view the war in Ukraine, obviously.

And it is also caused by incredible corporate greed, and I hope everybody understands that when you go to the gas station you fill up your car today, the oil companies are making huge profits. The food companies are making huge profits, prescription drugs are high, the pharmaceutical industry is making huge profits. We’ve got to deal with that issue and Republicans won’t.

Chuck Todd presented a Republican lie as a debatable position. If Republicans started claiming that oxygen was a scam and people don’t need it, so they should stop breathing, the question to be asked isn’t “Senator, do you agree with Republicans that people don’t need oxygen?”

The question that should be asked is why are Republicans saying something that is demonstrably false, and why is our media elevating it?

However, asking the both sides do it media to use critical thinking is probably too big of a dream to dream. At least Bernie Sanders was on Meet The Press to speak the truth.


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