Now That She Has Stopped Pretending To Be A Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard Compares Biden To Hitler

If Tulsi Gabbard were a serious person, this would be a serious worry. Instead, Tulsi’s opinion is only relevant in almost a “canary in the coal mine” sense. As we have seen, MAGA metabolism requires ever-expanding outrage and extremist accusations. Things said by Marjorie Taylor-Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz used to be laughed at. Now they are the backbone of the MAGA movement. It is possible that Tulsi Gabbard’s gaslighting in comparing Biden to Hitler (for God’s sake!) is just a sign of things to come going into 2024. These are expert propagandists, and this is how they do it. From The Daily Beast:

In her first weekend on the campaign trail in a new alliance with New Hampshire GOP Senate candidate and on-again-off-again election denier Don Bolduc, Tulsi Gabbard compared President Joe Biden to Adolf Hitler.

Speaking at a Bolduc town hall event in a town outside of Manchester on Sunday, the former Hawaii congresswoman and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate stipulated that she’s “pretty sure” both Biden and Hitler share a “mindset” of good intentions to justify authoritarian behavior.

In a radio interview on Monday, Gabbard also didn’t rule out another presidential run when asked about any future ambitions after announcing her plans to leave the Democratic Party last week.

She endows Hitler with having “good intensions”? Hitler based his grievance movement on blaming Jews for Germany’s Great Depression issues. More than six million Jews died as a result of that hatred. Either Gabbard doesn’t know this, or it’s a nod to the growing anti-Semitism movement on the far Right, which is increasingly terrifying.

Democrats and Biden supporters were not the ones lined up yelling, “Jews will not replace us” in Charlottesville.

We have gone from a presidential race in 2008, during which John McCain took the microphone from a woman accusing Obama of being a Kenyan wanting to… and McCain saying, “No, ma’am. He is a good American who I disagree with.” To 2011 and John Boehner golfing with Obama. And less than 10-15 years later, we’re suddenly at the point where a “notable” MAGA is saying Biden is an autocrat akin to Hitler.

Canary in the coal mine. Assume nothing when it comes to this movement.