Bad News For Trump As Americans Overwhelmingly Want Him To Testify In Public Before 1/6 Committee

A new Monmouth University poll shows that 60% of Americans want Trump to testify and 77% think that his testimony should be in public.

Via: Monmouth University Poll:

Six in 10 Americans (60%) say Trump should have to testify before the House Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, and this includes 89% of Democrats and 61% of independents. Just one-third of the public (34%) says he should not have to appear, which includes 67% of Republicans. If Trump does testify, partisans of all stripes agree that his appearance should occur at a public hearing – 77% overall, including 8 in 10 Democrats and independents and nearly two-thirds of Republicans.

 Currently, 36% of the public says Trump is directly responsible for what happened, 27% feel Trump encouraged those involved but is not directly responsible, and 33% feel he has done nothing wrong regarding the Jan. 6 attack. Four in 10 Americans (40%) favor charging Trump with crimes related to his involvement in the incident, which has been stable since August. Another 38% are opposed to criminal charges. This number has increased slightly (from 34%) as more Republicans have moved from being unsure of whether to charge Trump (13% currently, down from 31% in August) to opposing criminal charges (79% now, up from 66% in August).

This poll is bad news for Trump on all fronts, as the former president has been dodging the question of whether he will testify, and the American public broadly supports him testifying live in public, which is something that Trump suggested because he thought that the 1/6 Committee would turn him down.

Trump does not want to testify because he has had an open invitation to stop by the 1/6 Committee and do so for more than a year. The 1/6 Committee subpoena is coming at any time, and then the pressure will be on Trump as most Americans want him to testify.