Steve Bannon Becomes The First Person In History To Be Sent To Prison For Contempt Of Congress

Even though Steve Bannon’s sentence of four months in jail was stayed while he appeals, Bannon is the first person in history to get prison time for contempt of Congress.


MSNBC reported:

The judge has sentenced Steve Bannon to four months in prison and a $6,500 fine. But he has stayed that sentence while Steve Bannon appeals his decisions about what evidence to allow in the trial. Steve Bannon will not be going to prison any time soon.

Those appeals processes could take months to a year. Four months in prison is the sentence. That is less than what the prosecution asked for. They wanted six months. They said they wanted the maximum under the guidelines. They asked for a $200,000 fine and they got $6,500. A significant sentence and the first time in history that someone has been sentenced after being convicted of contempt of congress. That’s the sentence here today. Four months for Steve Bannon. 

The 1/6 Committee has demonstrated how to handle Trump and his associates. Since Democrats don’t defy congressional subpoenas, the Committee has shown the roadmap for how to handle the above-the-law behavior of the former president and his associates.

Steve Bannon will not win his appeals, and once they are exhausted, he will be spending four months behind bars in a sentence that is a victory for the rule of law, oversight, and accountability.

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