Steve Bannon swears revenge after getting sentenced to four months in prison

Steve Bannon Melts Down And Swears Revenge As Baby Cries In Background

Steve Bannon responded to being sentenced to four months in prison for contempt of Congress with a meltdown while a baby cried in the background.


Bannon said:

Today was my judgment day by the judge. And he stayed for the appeal, and we’ll have a vigorous appeals process, I have a great legal team and multiple areas of appeal. But as that sign said right there, could we have the vote sign. On November 8th, on November 8th, on November 8th. There is going to have judgment on the illegitimate Biden regime and quite frankly, and quite frankly, Nancy Pelosi and the entire committee. And we know which way that is going.

Either they’ve already been turfed out like Liz Cheney or quit like Kinzinger and other Democrats or they’re about to be beaten like Luria and others. Or they will lose their power and become a minority and Nancy Pelosi and Tom — is all of it. This is a — this is a — this is democracy. This is democracy.

The American people are weigh in measuring what went on with the Justice Department and how they comported themselves. They’re weighing and measuring that right now and they will vote on November 8th.

Bannon’s little meltdown was framed by a backdrop of a crying baby which perfectly fit a scene where he, like Trump, thinks that there is going to be some massive public uprising of outrage because he was sentenced to four months in the slammer for refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena.

There was nothing unjust done to Steve Bannon. Mr. Bannon chose to ignore a legal subpoena, and he is facing time behind bars for his decision. Bannon is now facing the consequences of his own choices.

His rhetoric rings hollow, and the odds are that Republicans will not flock to the polls to avenge his name.


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