Steve Bannon Is Definitely Going To Jail For Contempt Of Congress

Steve Bannon wanted probation for contempt of Congress but the judge ruled that the minimum sentence is at least one month behind bars.

According to NBC News, ‘I believe the statute is clear on that point,’ Judge  Nichols said. He also believes there’s a mandatory maximum of 12 months, but that the guidelines range is between one month and six months of incarceration.”

Bannon will not get credit for accepting responsibility and on top of the jail sentence, the DOJ is seeking a $200,000 fine. The DOJ is arguing that Bannon should get the maximum fine because he has refused to cooperate with the probation office and has shown contempt for the justice system.

Steve Bannon isn’t going to skate on his contempt of Congress. He is definitely going to jail and could be hit with a maximum $200,000 fine. The sentence that Bannon gets will be important because it will make any future Trump supporter or Trump himself think twice about defying a congressional subpoena.

The Trump administration made a mockery of the congressional investigative process, but ignoring subpoenas and orders, and now one of Trump’s biggest supporters is definitely going to jail.

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