Liz Cheney calls out pro-Putin Kevin McCarthy

Liz Cheney Goes Off And Wipes The Floor With Kevin McCarthy

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:55 pm

During an appearance on Meet The Press, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) wrecked Rep. Kevin McCarthy and said that he is willing to toss aside democracy for his own power.


Transcript via Meet The Press:


All right. Let’s talk about a Speaker McCarthy. You clearly think this is a mistake, that he will — that you are concerned about his speakership. What specifically concerns you?


Well, look, the Speaker is second in line to the presidency. And at every moment since, frankly, the aftermath of the election in 2020, when Minority Leader McCarthy has had the opportunity to do the right thing or do something that serves his own political purpose he always chooses to serve his own political purpose. And, you know, that extends to what we’ve seen just in the last few days with these comments about aid to Ukraine, the idea that somehow the party is now no longer going to support the Ukrainian people, which, you know, for somebody who has a picture of Ronald Reagan on the wall of his office in the Capitol, the notion that now Kevin McCarthy is going to make himself the leader of the pro-Putin wing of my party is just a stunning thing. It’s dangerous. He knows better. But the fact that he’s willing to go down the path of suggesting that America will no longer stand for freedom I think tells you he’s willing to sacrifice everything for his own political gain.

Liz Cheney is calling Kevin McCarthy dangerous. People who are power-hungry and willing to do, say, or sacrifice anything for their own political gain are dangerous to the country.

People like Chuck Todd can try to frame McCarthy’s comments as political gamesmanship, but the House Republican caucus is full of members who support Putin and Russia and want to see US aid cut off to Ukraine.

Kevin McCarthy is a dangerous, ambitious, power-hungry buffoon. As Cheney pointed out, McCarthy will be in a very high-ranking position where he can damage US national security.

Putting Kevin McCarthy in the position to be the Speaker of the House will have consequences that will be felt by Americans and people around the world


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