Pelosi Challenges Trump: ‘Not Man Enough to Honor Subpoena’

Long before 2015, there were whispers that Trump had trouble with powerful women. He didn’t like them. Women were to be judged, 1-10 on the Howard Stern Show. John Barron called New York Post reporters to talk about who Trump had been with. Trump didn’t like powerful women that could go face-to-face with him. Nancy Pelosi can stand down any man, including Donald Trump. For that reason, she surely knew that she could greatly improve the chances that Trump would answer the Committee’s subpoena if she called him chicken, no – more specifically, not “man” enough. After all, “alpha male” is everything in MAGA.

She gave it a shot today on MSNBC’s Sunday show when asked if Trump would show up:

“I don’t think he is man enough to show up. I don’t think that his lawyers will want him to show up, because he has to testify under oath. But I don’t think he is man enough, –we will see if he is man enough to show up and the public can make their judgment.”

“No one is above the law! If we believe that, then they should make a judgment about how he responds to that request.”

Masterful. She didn’t question whether Trump was “strong enough.” Normally Trump is consumed with being seen as a “strong” leader. This time, however, he was challenged by a woman. Again, he doesn’t like strong women. This unapologetically strong woman challenged his manhood, and she’s earned the right over decades in Washington.

Who can ever forget this picture?

If there is any challenge that will bother Trump enough to show up and demonstrate his “manhood,” this might be it.

She is good.