John Fetterman

Fetterman Warns That Oz And Trump Are Trying To Steal PA US Senate Seat

The Fetterman campaign is warning that Dr. Oz and Donald Trump are planning to defy the will of voters and steal the US Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

Fetterman campaign spokesman Joe Calvello  responded to a Rolling Stone report that Trump plans to sue if Oz loses in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

Donald Trump, Dr. Oz, and the GOP will do whatever it takes to try and steal this race on Election Night. Trump has already said he ‘needs’ people like Oz in office to challenge the 2024 election. 

Trump is trying to steal the 2022 election for Oz so that Trump can steal the 2024 election for himself. 

Dr. Oz needs to immediately disavow these efforts, respect the will of the voters in 2022, and pledge to vote to certify the results of the 2024 election, not challenge the results on behalf of Donald Trump.

Trump is using Oz as a dress rehearsal for stealing Pennsylvania in 2024. Trump has said that he needs Oz in office to help him steal the next presidential election.

As usual, Trump and his party are telegraphing what they are going to do after election day before they do it. Trump telegraphed what he would do if he didn’t win in 2016. He did the same thing in 2020, and now that he has an iron grip on the Republican Party, he is doing it again in 2022.

Pennsylvania is being set up to be the epicenter of post-election chaos in 2022, and the one way to stop Trump and Oz is to ensure that the Senate election’s outcome is not close.


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