GOP Hypocrites Pay The Price As New Woman To Say Herschel Walker Took Her for an Abortion

The “pro-life” party’s most in the news candidate is making news again on Wednesday, as yet another woman is set to come forward to accuse the Republican Senatorial candidate of taking her to a clinic for an abortion.

Gloria Allred is due to introduce reporters to a woman who alleges that Herschel Walker took her to an abortion clinic to have an abortion, according to reports, including The Guardian.

The woman, Allred said, will “allege that she had a romantic, intimate relationship with Herschel Walker and that he drove her to an abortion clinic to have an abortion after she became pregnant as a result of her relationship with him”.

The woman will not reveal her identity, but Allred will reveal “some of Jane Doe’s evidence in support of her romance with Mr Walker.”

Herschel Walker has said he wants a full ban of abortion with no exceptions, but then during his debate, much like another Republican Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, tried to dither and dodge where he actually stands.

This won’t be the first or even second abortion Walker is said to have pushed. The first woman said Walker both encouraged and paid for an abortion in 2009, Walker denied this and even denied knowing her.

But then she came forward with the biggest receipt a person can have – a son, by Walker. And oh, also, he encouraged her to get a second abortion and was accused by his son of being abusive and neglectful.

Abuse is brought up too often around Walker to ignore. An ex-girlfriend told police in 2012 that Walker threatened to “blow her head off” and then kill himself when she tried to leave him.

The fact that Republicans continue to endorse Walker and Walker himself is so anti-abortion in policy while allegedly using access to abortion in his personal life is really important because it reveals that there is no actual moral stance behind their attacks on women’s freedoms.

Herschel Walker as a candidate is an excellent example of the kind of man who seeks to control women by denying them access to healthcare, while pushing women in his personal life to get abortions to make his life easier. It’s all about control.

And that control is costing women a lot. While Republicans sometimes claim to support exceptions for the life of the mother, in practice that doesn’t always work out very well. A Tennessee woman was recently forced to take a 6-hour ambulance ride to get an abortion in another state, but by the time she got to the second hospital, she was showing signs of kidney failure.

Abortion is healthcare, and men like Herschel Walker should not be anywhere near deciding what medical care women and girls are allowed to have.

Walker’s hypocrisy isn’t just a “gotcha” – it’s a teachable moment for anyone who actually cares about life.