Fox News Immediately Uses Paul Pelosi Assault To Push GOP Crime Talking Points

Fox News is using the violent assault of Paul Pelosi to push the GOP campaign talking points about crime.


Bill Hemmer said, “You think about crime and how we have been talking about this for the past two years. Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate here in New York, about a month ago he had a random shooting in his front yard. The point being depending on how the circumstances of the story work out, crime has hit everybody…Point being this can happen anywhere. Crime is random, and that is why it is such a significant part of this election story.”

There really is no low that Fox News won’t sink to.

The reality is that it is unknown why the Pelosi home was broken into and Paul Pelosi was violently assaulted. It could have been a robbery. It might have been a political attack intended against the Speaker of the House and her family.

If the assault on Paul Pelosi was not a random act of crime but was carried about by someone with political motivations, Fox News will immediately stop talking about it because if it doesn’t fit their right-wing propaganda narrative, it doesn’t get said on the air.