John Fetterman Denounces Political Violence As Oz Vanishes From PA Campaign

John Fetterman denounced political hate and violence and called Doug Mastriano a stain on Pennsylvania as Dr. Oz has vanished from the campaign trail.

Fetterman tweeted:

The Fetterman campaign noted in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, “On Saturday, Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman criss-crossed across Philadelphia, holding 7 events throughout the day in nearly every corner of the city. Dr. Oz, once again, held zero public events.”

Republicans have been pushing concerns about John Fetterman’s health, but it is their candidate Mehmet Oz who has vanished from the campaign trail.

If Dr. Oz wants to be the next US Senator from Pennsylvania, why isn’t he out campaigning for votes?

The lack of campaign appearances and large events from the Republican candidate has been a persistent issue throughout the campaign.

Oz needs to denounce the political violence and the anti-Semitic campaign of his ballot mate Doug Mastriano.

Dr. Oz’s invisibility and silence should speak volumes to Pennsylvania voters who want leadership at a time when right-wing political violence is a growing threat to the nation.