New Lincoln Project Ad tells voters to say hell no to voter intimidation

Leslie Jones Voices New Must See Lincoln Project Ad Telling Voters To Say Hell No To Voter Intimidation

The Lincoln Project has released a new ad by actor and comedian Leslie Jones telling voters to say hell no to voter intimidation.

Watch the ad:

Jones said in the ad:

Republicans will claim victory before every vote is even counted. They’ll say they won, that the election is over, that we should stop to count. Teams of Republican lawyers will try to strike down the ballots of millions of American voters, especially African Americans. Fake claims of voter fraud, intimidation, and even violence at polling places and drop boxes.

Republicans aren’t willing to lose, even when they do. But there’s no voice louder than your vote. Don’t be intimidated. That’s right. That’s your vote! That’s not their vote! Don’t let nobody walk up to you and tell you that you can’t vote. Cast your absentee ballot and check it. If you vote on Election Day, stay in line. Get it done. They’re counting on you to be scared, intimidated, and afraid, which you shouldn’t be! You really should not be! Nobody should be walking up to you while you’re trying to vote. That’s your vote. Make your voice heard. Prove them wrong. Don’t just tell them no. Tell ’em hell no!Hell no. H-E double hockey sticks, N-O. No.

According to a statement provided to PoliticusUSA by The Lincoln Project, the ad will reach young voters attending HBCU’s in GA and NC, as well as African American students in Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, Madison, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Las Vegas.

The secret about people who are engaging in voter intimidation is that they are scared of people voting. All of those people filming at polling places and standing around in tactical gear are cowards. They are hoping that a menacing presence will scare you away, but voters should point and laugh at these people as they cast their ballots.

The white people watching polling places are scared. They fear the political power of the majority, and so if anyone attempts to intimidate a voter, do what scares them the most. Vote.

Jason Easley
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