Trump claims Hispanics will vote Republican due to Mar-a-Lago search

Unhinged Trump Claims Hispanics Will Vote GOP Because He Stole Classified Documents

Trump is claiming that because the FBI moved to recover classified documents that he stole, Hispanics will vote Republican in the midterm.


Trump said, “If we don’t move to get this country straightened out, you are going to end up with a Venezuela on steroids, meaning a bigger version of Venezuela, and that’s where our country’s going. If you look at what’s happening, you had the raid on Mar-a-Lago. People were disgusted by it. Hispanics saw that, and many of them come from countries that we know very well, and many of them said that’s what happened from where they came, and they don’t want that.”

According to Trump, Hispanics aren’t going to be upset by his authoritarian movement attempting to destroy democracy or the economy and inflation. No. The motivating factor for Hispanic voters will be the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago after Donald Trump stole classified documents.

These are the thoughts of the man that Republicans are allowing to devise the strategy and run their party.

Polling in the midterm election is all over the place. Still, the one consistency in every single poll is that the FBI search and recovery operation at Mar-a-Lago is not a top ten or top twenty concern for voters.

Donald Trump and reality have never had a close relationship, but he is moving further away from where ever his supporters politically reside.

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