Doug Mastriano Busted For Running A Racist Antisemitic Meme Page

File this under “One of the Least Surprising Things of the midterms,” it seems as though Doug Mastriano’s proud racism and anti-Semitism have bubbled up to the surface on Facebook, where his site runs another meme site, and many are what you would expect, given Mastriano’s past.  From The Daily Beast:

Republican Pennsylvania governor candidate Doug Mastriano’s official campaign Facebook account is also helping with another group on the social media site: a Facebook group which has for months featured a stream of xenophobic, transphobic, and antisemitic memes.

The campaign’s role in the public group—called “Mastriano Memes”—has not been previously reported, but Mastriano’s official Facebook account was still an active administrator for the page as of Monday evening.

Multiple recent posts make light of the would-be assassination attempt on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this weekend. One meme shared on Monday implies that President Joe Biden is a pedophile, and content earlier this month likened abortion to a mother sacrificing her child to Satan.

If someone described the account above but left off the name, saying only that it was a Senate or gubernatorial candidate, 75% of the country would guess Mastriano perhaps a few would suspect Kari Lake.

It leads to the natural and ultimate question. Why is this tolerated by the RNC? There is no mechanism by which to replace Mastriano on the Republican line of the ticket. But there is nothing stopping the GOP from disowning him and putting out a statement suggesting Republicans vote their conscience while stating that the GOP no longer officially endorses Mastriano.

The GOP won’t take that step because, increasingly, anti-Semitism is seen as acceptable in extreme corners. Transphobia is expected and better be present. Xenophobia is the GOP’s raison d’etre.

Twitter believes so: