Dr. Oz’s Real Feelings About Trump And Mastriano Leak And It Could Doom His Campaign

Dr. Oz has privately said that Mitch McConnell, not Trump, is the leader of the Republican Party- and Doug Mastriano will lose.

The Washington Post reported:

Rose said that when he told Oz, he strongly disagreed with his politics and had issues with former president Donald Trump, the Republican candidate distanced himself from Trump. “He said to me, Trump isn’t the leader of the party,” Rose said, speaking of Oz. “He told me that Mitch McConnell is the leader of the Republican Party.” Oz also said, according to Rose, that Doug Mastriano, the far-right Republican nominee for governor in Pennsylvania, “won’t win.”

The Oz campaign has denied that their candidate ever made those statements.

Given Oz’s constantly shifting positions and statements, the odds are that he was telling his former colleague what he thought he wanted to hear, but whether or not Oz actually believes them, the idea that he thinks McConnell, not Trump, is the real leader of the GOP could doom his teetering campaign.

Recent polling shows Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman continuing to lead in the polls as Democrats are piling up a large margin in mail-in voting. 

Anything less than a massive same-day Republican election turnout will doom Oz to defeat, and quotes attributed to him attacking Trump and Mastriano do not help his cause.