Republicans Are On The Ropes As John Fetterman Leads In 2 New PA US Senate Polls

Two new polls of the US Senate race in Pennsylvania show Lt. Gov. John Fetterman leading Dr. Oz.

The Monmouth University Poll found that Fetterman leads 48%-44%:

Nearly half of the electorate will either definitely (39%) or probably (9%) vote for Fetterman, which is similar to his support levels in prior Monmouth polls (48% total compared with 48% in early October and 49% in September). On the other hand, Oz continues to make small but steady gains in support, with 32% definitely supporting him and 12% probably supporting. His combined 44% support level is about the same as 43% in early October and up from 39% in September, although it is worth noting that Oz’s “definite” support has increased by 7 points since early October, while Fetterman’s “definite” support has only gone up by 2 points. The increase in Oz’s overall backing has been most significant among independents, going from a combined 29% to 41% in Monmouth’s polling since September.

The Monmouth University Poll found that Fetterman’s debate performance did not change any minds and that voters believed that Fetterman has been transparent about his stroke. The poll also revealed that Oz has not been able to chip away at Fetterman’s lead in a statistically significant way.

The Suffolk University Poll, which has been kinder to Oz throughout the campaign, has Fetterman leading 47%-45%.

The Suffolk poll, for what it is worth had Oz winning the Senate debate 62%-17%, so the polling could be reaching a larger segment of Republicans than Monmouth.

The overall theme from both polls is that John Fetterman is leading in the Pennsylvania Senate race. Oz has not overtaken him, and with less than a week to go in the campaign, and Democrats piling up a significant advantage in mail-in voting, Fetterman is in a good, but not a certain position to flip the Pennsylvania seat to the Democrats.