Biden Blasts GOP Hypocrites And Says He’ll Never Apologize For Helping The Middle Class

While speaking in New Mexico, President Biden called out Republican hypocrites for taking government aid for themselves, saying he would never apologize for helping the working and middle-class.


The President said:

As soon as I announced my administration’s plan for student debt, they started attacking it, even though I ran on it and everybody knew what I was going to do, their outrageous is simply wrong. And I might add, I  don’t want to be too political but hypocritical fighting them in court. We’re not letting them get away with it. I’m never going to apologize for helping working middle-class families as they recover from the economic crisis created by the pandemic.

I don’t want there’s an awful lot of mainstream Republicans who didn’t vote for it but who I know supported it. But they’re a little apprehensive about their situation, and I don’t want to hear from the MAGA Republican officials who sit in Congress and who had hundreds of thousands of dollars and one case over a million dollars in pandemic relief loans forgiven. 

President Biden was right on both points. Helping middle-class and working people is nothing to apologize for, and Republicans are hypocrites who take government money for themselves, but they oppose using money to help student borrowers.

Republicans are getting a preview of what it will be like if they win any part of Congress.

Biden is not going to sit back and let them rant and rave. The President firmly believes in bipartisanship, but he is nobody’s doormat. President Biden is signaling that he is ready for a fight if Republicans try to undo his accomplishments in helping the middle and working class.