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Joe Biden Destroys Dr. Oz In Less Than A Minute

At the rally for Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman in Philadelphia, President Biden took out Dr. Oz and delivered a powerful endorsement of Fetterman in about a minute.


Biden said, “John Fetterman is Pennsylvania. And Dr. Oz and Pennsylvania? Look, I lived in Pennsylvania longer than Dr. Oz lived in Pennsylvania. I moved away when I was 10 years old. Look, like a lot of us, John got knocked down, and he has gotten up quickly. John has character, integrity. He will be a good U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania. ”

Republicans keep hoping that Obama and Biden won’t make a difference, but in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, the crowds have been some of the biggest that any candidate in Pennsylvania has drawn in the midterm. Obama and Biden are the closers who bring media attention which delivers the Democratic argument to undecided voters.

As Republicans worry about Trump being a disaster in PA, Obama and Biden are rallying Democrats.

The odds are that Trump’s airport crowd in Latrobe won’t be able to match what Biden and Obama have brought in for the Democrats.

Biden knows more about Pennsylvania than Oz ever will because Biden, at least, is a born Pennsylvanian and has lived in the state.

Republicans have been flooding the media with polls to rig the polling averages, but if the enthusiasm of the crowds in PA is any indication, John Fetterman might be in a position to be the next U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

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