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Obama Blows The Roof Off Of The Steel City At Massive Pittsburgh Rally With John Fetterman

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:58 pm

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A massive crowd of thousands turned up in Pittsburgh to listen to Barack Obama campaign with John Fetterman in the closing days of the US Senate race.

Pittsburgh loves Obama and hometown guy John Fetterman, so they drew a very large crowd:

Watch the full rally:

Here is a clip of former President Obama:

Obama said in part:

 I get why you might be worried about the course of our country, I get worried too.
I understand why sometimes it may be tempting just tune out. Just to watch football or HGTV or The Great British Baking Show. Whatever floats your boat.

But I’m here to tell you Pittsburgh, that tuning out is not an option. Moping is not an option. The only way to make this economy fair is if we, all of us, fight for it. And the only way to save democracy if is if we together fight for it. And it starts with electing people who know you. Who see you, who care about you, who stood in your shoes.

You did that two years ago when you sent Joe Biden to the White House, he is fighting for you every day, he has your back. Doing everything you can to put more money in your pockets, to make our streets safer, to bring more good paying jobs here to Pennsylvania, and now you need to do it again. Because while there may be a lot of issues at stake in this election, there is one basic question that you should be asking yourself right now. And that is who will fight for you? That is a choice in this election, who will fight for you? Who will fight for working people who are struggling to pay their bills?

Listen, inflation is a real problem right now, it’s not just here in America, it is worldwide. And it has to do with the legacy of the pandemic. It wrecked supply chains, disrupted the economy, and then you have a war on Ukraine that sent energy prices through the roof so grocery prices are going, up gas prices going up, it takes a real bite out of their paychecks. It hurts. I get that. But the question you have to understand is, who is actually going to do something about it?

The Republicans like to talk about it, but what is their answer? What is their economic policy? But they want to gut Social Security, they want to get Medicare, they want to give rich folks and big corporations more tax cuts. By the way, don’t boo, vote. They can’t hear you do, but they will hear you vote. Now, it should come as no surprise that Republicans want to cut taxes for the wealthy and the big corporations because that is their solution to everything.

When inflation is low, they say, let’s cut taxes for the wealthy. If unemployment is high, let’s cut taxes. When is the reverse, they want to cut taxes on the wealthy. If there was an asteroid that headed towards Earth, they will get in  a room and say you know what we need? Tax cuts for the rich.

It is nice if you have one answer to every economic problem. We have some students here, do you remember when — [applause] Maybe you are more responsible than me.

There are sometimes when I was a school where I did not study. And you go in and let’s say there is a math test that you did not study for, it would be nice if you could just write down the same answer for every question. This Rideout eight, and then you’ll get an a. But that does not work. It doesn’t work in math and it doesn’t work in economics. And that is why Democrats have an actual plan, to take on the drug companies to lower prices. To pass laws to make housing more affordable. To make sure that big corporations create jobs here in Pennsylvania instead of overseas. That is the choice in this election. That is what this is all about.

In contrast, Trump doesn’t have a venue for his rally. He is flying into the Arnold Palmer Airport in Latrobe for one his lazy inside of a hanger/runway rallies that always make for a bad visual on television, as it looks like conspiracy grandpa got lost in a warehouse.

Oz will be groveling at Trump’s knee in the hope that the failed former president will be able to get him over the finish line. (He can’t).

Obama blew the lid off of Pittsburgh for Fetterman, while Trump will bring his Darth Vader in the Death Star energy to Latrobe.

Fetterman looks ready to win with Obama energy at his side as Oz heads to the sticks with the Grifter in Chief for one final Hail Mary con.


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