Oz Made An Epic Pittsburgh Steelers Gaffe During Trump PA Rally

Oz told the crowd to talk to ten of their friends before the Steelers game on Sunday, but there is no Steelers game this week.


Oz knows so little and cares so little about the people of Western Pennsylvania that he had no idea that the Steelers aren’t playing this week.

What Oz actually told the people in attendance was to speak to ten of their friends next Sunday before the Steelers play the New Orleans Saints several days after the Senate election in Pennsylvania.

To those who are unfamiliar with Western Pennsylvania, Oz’s gaffe may seem small, but the Steelers are a religion in Western PA. Everybody, even non-fans, know when the team plays.

The people of Western Pennsylvania see Oz’s gaffe as proof that he is not one of them, and if somebody isn’t one of you, how can he represent you in the US Senate?

Dr. Oz is a slick salesman, but the harsh glare of a Senate campaign will reveal the cracks. In all of his public appearances, Oz can’t keep up the facade.

It is the little mistakes that reveal the truth, as Oz can’t fool the people of Western Pennsylvania.

For the record, Dr. Oz, it isn’t a Steelers game. It is a Steeler game to the people of Western PA.

Oz can’t even pronounce the team name right.