Fetterman Warns That Oz And Trump Are Already Preparing Bogus Lawsuits To Challenge The Senate Election

According to the John Fetterman campaign Oz and Trump are already spreading disinformation and setting the stage for bogus lawsuits challenging the Pennsylvania US Senate election.

In a memo provided to PoliticusUSA, Fetterman’s campaign manager Brendan McPhillips wrote:

Election Day is almost here, and Republicans are already laying the groundwork to potentially spread false conspiracy theories about the likely “red mirage” of ballot processing in Pennsylvania. The reality is Pennsylvania law means in-person votes that skew Republican tend to disproportionately be counted and reported before Democratic-leaning mail-in votes. 

The election hasn’t even happened yet, but Mehmet Oz’s top GOP allies are already preparing to question the 2022 results without evidence. On Election Night and soon after, we expect Republicans who embrace the Big Lie could try to double down on spreading disinformation and bogus lawsuits in an effort to illegally stop ballots from being counted.

Buckle up for a long week. This race is close, and we should all be prepared for a process that takes several days before all eligible votes are properly counted and the results are clear.

Republicans will start spreading misinformation and proclaim victory on election night, but Democrats lead mail-in balloting by a more than 3-1 margin, equaling more than 500,000 Fetterman votes. 

Oz and Trump will file lawsuits and attempt to get ballots disqualified in Democratic-leaning areas. If it becomes clear that Oz is likely to lose once all of the mail-in ballots are counted, Republicans will launch a full-on attack on Pennsylvania democracy.

Because Georgia is likely to go to a runoff and Pennsylvania’s ballots will take so long to count, control of the US Senate might not be known for days. Of course, Democrats can make Pennsylvania a  non-issue by winning in states like Ohio, North Carolina, or Wisconsin.

Voters should be prepared for a long few days after the election and tune out any early Oz claims of victory in Pennsylvania.