John Oliver Delivers The Most Powerful Argument For Voting To Save Democracy

John Oliver made the strongest argument for saving democracy through voting that you will come across before the election.


Oliver said on Last Week Tonight:

Long term we still need voting rights reform, which is something that we have to prioritize and fight for, but the first step, and I know this is going to be infuriating for you to hear is for you to vote. 

We’ve talked a lot about how part of the reason why Biden’s victory was stolen from him is the diligent work of a few people in key positions, but don’t forget that the first part of what that was possible is that a lot of people f-ing voted, and I get how ludicrous it sounds for someone to say fix the significant roadblocks keeping your vote from counting by voting.

I hear it. I really do, particularly if you are a member of one of the communities black voters, the disabled, the incarnated, and low-income communities who have long been sounding the alarm about all of this sh-t, and voting is not going to be enough on its own at every level of the process. We need people to show the same level of enthusiasm for preserving our democracy that others are demonstrating for dismantling it. 

It seems counterintuitive, but one of the reasons why Trump failed to steal the 2020 election is that so many people voted for Joe Biden that the result was undeniable.

Trump has laughably tried to maintain that the election was stolen, but the reality is that President Biden blew him out.

If the turnout had been lower, Trump’s coup might have been successful.

People need to vote in such large numbers that their will can’t be denied, so voting is the first step in saving democracy. A person who doesn’t vote is someone who is giving an implicit endorsement to the death of democracy.