Republicans Just Tried To Not Count Tens Of Thousands Of Detroit Votes But A Judge Said No

A judge in Detroit, MI, has thrown out a lawsuit that would have disqualified tens of thousands of votes in the city.

Fox 2 reported:

A Detroit judge has dismissed a lawsuit that sought to prevent the city’s absentee ballots from being counted in the 2022 midterm election, calling the lawsuit by Kristina Karamo a “false flag of election law violations and corruption.”

In a blistering opinion authored by Judge Timothy Kenny, the chief official said an attorney for Karamo, who is running for secretary of state in Michigan, failed to show “any shred of evidence.”

“No exhibits, no testimony from any of the plaintiffs, no evidence…indicates the procedures for the November 9, 2022 election violate Michigan election laws,” read an opinion on the lawsuit, which was filed two weeks ago.

Just in case you thought that Republicans might wait until after the election to try to throw out Democratic votes, the case in Detroit demonstrates that Republicans are attempting to disqualify Democratic voters before the polls.

In 2020, judges stepped up and stopped Republicans from stealing elections, and in 2022 a judge put a halt to Republican plans to disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters in a city that is 80% African-American.

Republicans know that they can’t win if Detroit shows up to vote, so they are looking for ways to make sure that those votes never get counted.

Decades of Republican efforts to make the electorate smaller and whiter have failed, so the GOP is now trying to stop the votes that are cast from being counted.

In Michigan, one judge said no.


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