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Trump Pushing Congressional Allies To Impeach Biden More Than Once

We know enough about Trump to know that he is really bothered by the fact that he was a one-term president (Obama was not), he was impeached (Obama was not), he was impeached twice (No one has ever been impeached twice), and he was the first impeached president ever to have “guilty” votes come from his own party in both impeachments. So that’s what’s known about Donald Trump. What we know about the GOP is that they’re not going to let the Democrats investigate and impeach one of their presidents without automatic payback. It is all coming together now as Trump assumes that the GOP will take the House and wants to know “how many times” the Republicans will impeach Joe Biden.

From Rolling Stone:

Donald Trump is calling his top allies in Congress to push for details on their plans for impeaching President Joe Biden and top administration officials, two sources with knowledge of the conversations tell Rolling Stone. Specifically, Trump in recent months has repeatedly asked “how many” times Republicans plan to impeach the president if they take control of the House, the sources said.

He has also, the sources said, asked about what they would do to impeach certain high-ranking Biden administration officials. Trump’s questions have touched on potential timelines for any potential impeachment inquiries, as well as on how much support impeachment has in the Republican conference. He is the only American president to have been impeached twice.

They will find a “crime.” It will not be a “crime” of the type where Trump used American foreign policy as a quid pro quo (And the GOP knew it) to help himself politically while – peculiarly, hurting Ukraine as tensions with Russia rose.  Or a crime like sedition and an attack on the United States. But the two issues most often cited are the Afghanistan withdrawal and the crisis at the border.

Neither one of which is a crime. If the Constitution allowed impeachment for events perceived to be awful, Democrats could have impeached Trump over pardoning his friends (indeed, that was specifically contemplated by the Founders) or the fact that Trump knew COVID was much worse than he told the American public and pushing an unproven medicine.

No one should concede the House. Times are crazy, and anything can happen tomorrow. But one can bet that if the GOP controls either branch of Congress, it will spend the entire time investigating Biden. They will not work toward an immigration deal or do anything to fix inflation – those things might help the country, which would make 2024 harder for Republicans. They will impeach Biden at least twice… and Republicans have a bad record when they set about to do such a thing going into a presidential election. Voters will notice that Republicans ignored all the problems and focused on revenge.

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