Kellyanne Conway gets testy after Juan Williams mentions Trump on Fox News.

Kellyanne Conway Snaps After Juan Williams Mentions Trump On Election Day

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:58 pm

Even Trump loyalist Kellyanne Conway is trying to hide the failed former president on election day because he motivates Democrats and scares off non-Republican voters.



Williams: Those are. The idea that Donald Trump launched an insurrection. These are things.

Conway: Where is that in the polls, Juan?

Williams: This drives democratic turnout. You saw what happened in 2020 when Trump was defeated by Joe Biden.

Conway: Thank you for admitting it’s why it was the closing message is to get turnout. Not make people feel better about how economically depressed they feel and single moms are struggling and single moms who have a job, one of the fastest growing new homeless groups in our country and it’s a disgrace…. 50% disapproval of Joe Biden oh every issue.

Williams: Joe Biden is moderate. Compared to Donald Trump.

Conway: Donald Trump, you are obsessed with him. It’s funny to watch, actually.

Kellyanne Conway’s reaction was a clear sign that Republicans are spending the day pretending that Donald Trump doesn’t exist until the polls close. Conway clearly did not like Juan Williams bringing up Trump’s name because no other Republican motivates Democratic turnout like Trump.

Republicans are hoping that we all just focus on gas prices and inflation and forget about the disaster that was Donald Trump in the White House.

The GOP is testy because they know that if anybody can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, it is Donald Trump.

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