Gov. Tony Evers Wins Reelection In Wisconsin As Blue Wave Rolls On

CNN is projecting that Democratic Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has won reelection, as Democrats will keep their blue wall in place for 2024.

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CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted:

As we reported earlier, Democrats came into the midterm poised to have a big night in governor’s races. So far, not a single Democratic governor has been upset. Josh Shapiro won in Pennsylvania. Gretchen Whitmer won in Michigan, and the win by Evers is important for democracy because it shuts off another avenue for Trump to potentially manipulate the 2024 election.

Republicans have yet to defeat a single incumbent Democratic governor, while Democrats have flipped seats in Maryland and Massachusetts.

The midterm that Republicans expected to dominate has been a disaster for them at every level, and any hopes that Trump had of stealing the 2024 election have crashed and burned as Democratic governors will be in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to protect democracy.


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