Lauren Boebert Is About To Lose Her Seat And Be Booted Out Of The House

An analysis of remaining ballots in CO-3 reveals that Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is expected to lose her seat to Democrat Adam Frisch.

Kyle Clark of 9News tweeted:

The race is 50-50 with a 62 vote margin separating the candidates at one point, but it is not expected to stay that way.

A pleasant surprise for Democrats is that Lauren Boebert is about to become a former member of Congress.

Boebert always seemed to have zero interest in doing the job of a legislator and was in the House for fame, celebrity, and attention. Comparisons are being made to soon-to-be former Rep. Madison Cawthorn, but Boebert doesn’t have the extensive criminal record that Cawthorn managed to pile up while he was a member of Congress.

Lauren Boebert will probably land somewhere in conservative media, as she will try to follow in the footsteps of her political OG Sarah Palin.

Democrats might not win the House, but they did rid the body of Lauren Boebert, which is an important achievement for democracy.