Trump’s Plan To Use The Midterm To Steal 2024 Was A Total Failure

Democratic Secretary of State candidates are outrunning gubernatorial candidates, as Trump’s slate of election deniers has been mostly defeated, and his plan to steal 2024 has been wrecked.

NBC News reported:

In four crucial states, Democratic nominees for Secretary of State have garnered a larger share of the vote than the gubernatorial nominees at the top of the ticket in that state.

In all four states, the Republican nominees for Secretary of State have questioned or cast doubt on the 2020 presidential election. In some cases, like in Arizona, the Republican nominee for Secretary of State had even cast doubt on whether he would certify the 2024 presidential election if he were elected to the Secretary of State position.

Democrats have won or are winning Secretary of State races across the board in swing states, with the exception being Nevada, where the Democratic candidate trails by less than half of a point.

Secretary of State candidates are winning more votes than some swing state gubernatorial candidates.

Donald Trump’s big plan was to install election deniers in critical swing states who would refuse to certify the 2024 election if Trump lost. The problem is that the election deniers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia all lost, and the election deniers are losing in Arizona.

The American people were not asleep at the wheel. They showed up and voted for people who would protect democracy.

Because the people moved to save democracy in their states, Trump’s 2024 coup plan has been blown to bits.