Lindsey Graham wants the Russian people to take out Putin

Sen. Lindsey Graham Is Now A 2022 Election Denier

Just when we thought that the only place we might have to fear post-election denialism of the 2020 type might be from Kari Lake in Arizona, in walks Lindsey Graham, proud election truther, who, on a conference call with Rick Scott about the Senate races, said, according to Mediaite:

There is no mathematical way Laxalt loses. If he does, then it’s a lie.

Also from Mediaite is a good summary of where things stand as of mid-day Friday the 11th:

Laxalt’s race has not been officially called, and votes are still being counted in Nevada’s largest county. Laxalt was only leading Cortez Masto by roughly 9,000 votes on Friday midday, leaving plenty of room for Cortez Mastro to catch up and even surpass the Republican.

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A 9,000 vote spread with over 65,000 votes to come in from the most Democratic county in Nevada is something that Mastro could catch Laxalt without any mathematical miracles nor lies, just a very strong showing in a Democratic county.

Of course, Sen. Graham has all kinds of different agendas right now, one of which is to rehabilitate Herschel Walker, saying that Walker’s critics:

They’re trying to destroy Herschel Walker to deter young men and women of color from being Republicans. If they destroy Herschel, it will want to stop people of color from being a conservative Republican, because it destroys your life.

Right. It has nothing to do with Walker’s inability to articulate a position or an understanding of the U.S. Senate, nor the fact that he’s lied at least as many times as he’s told the truth. There is also the fact that a black man is running as opposed to Walker, who is as intellectual as they come, eloquent, sensitive, and tough. There are a lot of reasons to criticize Walker and praise Warnock, and none of them have anything to do with discouraging people of color from being conservative Republicans. It doesn’t destroy your life. Ask Sen. Tim Scott from your own state, Lindsey.

Obviously, most concerning are the war drums now bea\ting regarding corruption as the only explanation for a Mastro win in Nevada. Yesterday, Nevada political guru John Ralston said:

I want to pause here to say this — and I hope all Republicans on the ballot are listening and will disavow: Trump just put out that Clark County has a ‘corrupt voting system’ and needs ‘more time to cheat.’

“his is the kind of garbage that he and Laxalt put out in 2020.


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