Democrats Are Optimistic That Nevada Will Deliver The Senate Majority

According to Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) Democrats are optimistic that Nevada will deliver the Senate majority because the remaining votes to be counted are largely in Democratic areas.


Sen. Rosen told CNN’s Jim Acosta, “Like you, we’re waiting for the results later this evening. Democrats are optimistic knowing that where the votes are in the rest of the state, that she will win her second term in the United States Senate, delivering the Democratic majority in the United States Senate. I’m not going to speak to what’s going on in Adam Laxalt’s campaign. I guess he’ll have to do that for himself, but we’re feeling pretty good right now.”

Another ballot drop is expected to come on Saturday from Nevada. Sen. Cortez Masto is trailing by less than 1,000 votes and she is widely expected to take the lead when the new results are released. Democrats may have to wait until early next week for the results to become official, but if Cortez Masto takes the lead, it will only be a matter of time before Democrats officially take the Senate majority, and the Georgia Senate runoff is rendered meaningless in terms of national implications in December.