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Elizabeth Warren Shoots Down Chuck Todd And Gives Biden Credit For Midterm Win

Chuck Todd tried to claim that voters preferred Republicans on 4 out of 5 issues, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) took him to school and credited President Biden for the midterm win.


Transcript via: Meet The Press:


I want to get to a couple things in the lame duck in a minute. But I want to ask you something about the message voters sent. You know, in the exit poll, we asked, “Which party do you trust more,” on five sets of issues. And the Republicans were more trusted on foreign policy, crime, inflation, and immigration. The only issue they weren’t trusted more on was on the issue of abortion. And the reason I ask this question this way is for you, Senator. The voters seem to perhaps not be happy with Democratic governance, but there was just no way they were going to go to Trump candidates. I think that’s pretty clear. Do you have a concern that Democratic– Democrats can’t win if they’re running against, say, normal Republicans, kind of like Chris Sununu or Mike DeWine, people like that?


No. I do not have such a concern. In fact, look. Donald Trump didn’t do his party any favors with his preening and his selection of truly awful candidates. But this victory belongs to Joe Biden. It belongs to Joe Biden and the Democrats who got out there and fought for working people. The things we did were important and popular. Remember, right after Joe Biden was sworn in, all of the economists and the pundits in his ear who were saying, “Go slow, go small.” Joe Biden didn’t listen to them. And in fact, he went big. He went big on vaccinations. He went big on testing. But he also went big on helping people who were still unemployed, on setting America’s working families up so they could manage the choppy waters in the economy following the pandemic. And then with the Inflation Reduction Act, we delivered again and delivered big. You know, $35 cap on insulin. There will be a cap of $2,000 on what seniors spend on prescription drugs. We’re cutting the cost of utilities, cutting the cost of insurance payments, and forcing giant corporations that have been paying nothing to pay a 15% minimum corporate tax. Every one of those things is popular. The Republicans, every single one of them voted against every provision I just described. The president’s leadership put us in a position, every candidate, up and down the ballot, to talk about what Democrats fight for and what we deliver on. And by doing that, we were able to address the values and the economic security of people across this country. And it sure paid off. It paid off at historic levels.

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Chuck Todd’s theory seems to be that voters would have voted for Republicans spouters of conventional wisdom like himself would have been correct about the midterm if Trump would not have nominated a series of freak show candidates.

Todd seems to think that there are Republican normals out there who can win.

Warren was right. Democrats were always going to do well in this election because they delivered for voters and made their lives better.

The important point that people like Chuck Todd keep ignoring is that voters remember. Voters have proven for the last three election cycles that they are paying attention and becoming more informed, so they aren’t going to be fooled by outrage campaigns based on inflation and gas prices.

This was Biden’s win. The President had the vision. President Biden had the agenda, and most importantly, Biden had faith that the American people would reward Democrats if they worked hard for them.

Sen. Warren wasn’t having any of Chuck Todd’s bad midterm take.

Democrats won because their coalition is the majority of the country. If people like Chuck Todd refuse to recognize this reality, they will continue to get elections wrong.

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