Lara Trump thinks protesters interrupting Brett Kavanaugh's dinner is domestic terrorism

Lara Trump Is Threatening Ron DeSantis

Lara Trump has no formal ties to political campaigns or education in politics. She didn’t even campaign in 2016 when Trump said that he “practically” didn’t know her until she belted out this fantastic speech for him. Obviously, she gained ground through the four-year term, but it’s still often a mystery as to what she brings to the conversation.

Lara Trump said:

“I think that Ron DeSantis is very smart. Look, he’s a young guy. There will be a lot of opportunity for him in the future, and he knows this, to run for president.

“And so, I think he’s probably waiting to see what my father-in-law does, and I think he’s a smart enough guy to know that it will be great to have all this support of this party — of the America First, MAGA movement, whatever you want to call it — fully behind him in 2028, than possibly fracturing it in 2024.

Wrong. If you aspire to presidential politics, you strike when the iron is hot and DeSantis is a very hot commodity in the Republican party right now. There is evidence that he could compete with Trump, especially with the country not able to predict what might come down the road. DeSantis has won a few straw polls, so has Trump – Trump, of course, enjoys a national lead for now.

Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama didn’t “wait,” until it was their turn. They ran in their 40s (DeSantis would be 50 if he waited until 2028, still young, but… again, that’s not the point.

If you want to be president, you go when you believe you’re at your peak. There is no guarantee at all that DeSantis will “walk-in” in 2028. A lot can happen in four years.

“I can tell you, those primaries get very messy and very raw. We’ve experienced that before. So wouldn’t it be nicer for him, and I think he knows this, to wait ’til 2028.” – Lara Trump, today on Fox News.

That is a threat because Trump has plenty of “mess” and “raw” stuff that can be thrown at him. It would get ugly.

“If he did run, I will tell you things about him that won’t be very flattering. I know more about him than anybody other than perhaps his wife, who is really running his campaign.”

Bringing DeSantis’s wife in as if it’s a bad thing that she’s really running the campaign? It seems to be running well enough right now. Weird.

If 2028 were an open presidential primary, meaning Trump has served his final term, does anyone think that it would be “nice” for DeSantis? Chris Christie may be effective (so is DeSantis) but neither of them could be called “nice,” and neither are a lot of the top contenders in both parties when it comes to the heat of the primaries.

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