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Republicans Are Desperately Trying To Stop Democrats From Voting In Georgia Senate Runoff

Republicans in Georgia know that Herschel Walker can’t win a high turnout runoff against Sen. Raphael Warnock, so they tried to release false information about Saturday voting.

Marc Elias tweeted:


Many people in Georgia voted for Herschel Walker when they thought that control of the Senate was at stake. The Republican argument for supporting Walker was based on giving Republicans control of the Senate.

Since Democrats have already won the Senate majority, the best argument that the GOP had for Walker is gone, so the party’s only chance of winning the runoff is to suppress the vote of minorities and Democrats.

If the Stacey Abrams turnout machine does its job in the Georgia Senate runoff, Walker will be beaten by Warnock. Herschel Walker has a net negative approval rating and was lucky to get to the runoff as Warnock only finished a few tenths of a point away from beating Walker outright on election night.

Democrats have the better candidate, and they appear to be more motivated than Republicans in Georgia for the runoff. With all of these factors working against them, Republicans are trying every tactic imaginable to suppress the vote and keep supporters of Sen. Warnock from casting their ballots.

The odds are good that these tactics will backfire and make Georgians more determined to vote on December 6th.

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