Chuck Schumer talks a Senate non-MAGA coalition on Morning Joe.

Democrats Pounce To Put A Stake Through The Heart Of Trump With Non-MAGA Coalition Offer

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Monday that he would reach out to non-MAGA Senate Republicans, but Democrats won’t sacrifice their principles.

Video of Schumer:

Schumer said on MSNBC:

Why did we win? There were a bunch of reasons – we had great candidates, they had flawed candidates. As I mentioned, the American people really began to worry that this MAGA group was controlling the Republican Party and our democracy was at risk. But the other reason we won is we talked about things people cared about. Reducing the cost of prescription drugs, finally dealing with climate, student debt. Young people voted more heavily than people thought because of those issues. And so we won, and I hope I can convince my non MAGA Republican colleagues in the Senate. The reason we won is we got something done on issues. And when I go back to the Senate, I am going to tell my party, the reason we won – and they know it, the candidates know it – is we focused on things that matter to everyday Americans while Republicans, the MAGA groups seem to be talking about the big lie and throwing these balls of fire over the wall.

And I’m going to reach out and say to the non MAGA Republicans in the Senate, work with us. We can get some things done for the American people, reject this MAGA group, which has a lot of strength in the Republican Party, which some of them even went along with and said words, you know, accommodating to them, but work with us and we can actually get something done. And if you look at it, we had a great six weeks, which changed things around over the summer and people said now Democrats might have a chance. The big six bills, one was partisan because we couldn’t get Republicans on climate or on going after the big drug companies to lower prices, but the other five on guns, on veterans, on bringing jobs back to America on the chips and all of that. were bipartisan.

I am willing to reach out, we’re not going to sacrifice our principles to get something done. Even if it’s not everything you want, is the way to go. And I am hopeful, in answer to your question, on debt ceiling and on so many other issues that our Republican colleagues, the non MAGA ones, will see that the path to following MAGA stuff is a loser. And that’s one of the main reasons Republicans lost.

Republicans are a total dumpster fire at the moment.

Democrats are right to try to pounce and exploit the divisions in the GOP. The outline of the non-MAGA/Senate Democratic coalition has already been since in the infrastructure bill and the gun control legislation that has passed and become law.

Senate Democrats already have a lengthy record of legislative success, so they don’t need to build this coalition as a matter of political survival, but the American people like bipartisan accomplishments, so if members of the Senate can come together while isolating the MAGA extremists, it will be a win for the country.

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