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Liz Cheney Destroys Kari Lake With Just Two Words

After Liz Cheney endorsed Katie Hobbs, Kari Lake put out a sarcastic statement thanking her, but Cheney didn’t forget, and tonight after Lake lost, she delivered the receipt.

Cheney tweeted after Hobbs was declared the winner:

One of the lessons that the Republican Party should take away from this election is not to mess with Liz Cheney. Rep. Cheney endorsed Democrats in Michigan, Virginia, and Arizona. All three races were top Republican targets, but in each contest, the Cheney-endorsed candidate won.

Rep. Cheney is a very conservative Republican, but she has also shown herself through her work as the Vice Chair of the House 1/6 Committee to be a patriot who is willing to put her country ahead of partisanship and party labels.

Kari Lake was a Trump clone authoritarian hopeful who would have destroyed democracy in Arizona.

Liz Cheney didn’t forget Lake’s statement and got her payback when Hobbs was projected to be the winner.

Trump, Kari Lake, and the GOP F’ed around with Liz Cheney, and they found out.


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