Kari Lake’s Allies Beg Her to Accept Loss in Face of Defiance

One of the states that people most worried about concerning intense, perhaps violent opposition to a close loss was Arizona, home of the most unrepentant election deniers in the nation. Now, in the face of Lake’s fierce determination not to accept the results, Lake’s allies have her circled, trying to convince her to concede. According to the Washington Post:

“People around Lake have told her it would not be in her best interest to claim the election was stolen, They have also warned of possible harm to Arizona, and the country more broadly, if the state became home to a resurgent ‘Stop the Steal’ movement. Others have cautioned against disrupting the ongoing count and decided that there is little the campaign can meaningfully do to change the outcome.” According to the report, Trump allies like former ambassador Ric Grenell and attorney Christina Bobb, have been meeting with Lake.

At the very least, she is getting good advice. She needs to consider whether she wants to remain viable going forward.

One person privy to the discussions told the Post, “Nobody is advocating to go storm the castle,” even if there is anger and resentment among her allies about how the election turned out. One other adviser said, “Everybody expects us to be screaming, and we’re doing the opposite,” and added Lake may go on Fox News to discuss the situation.

Going on Fox to “discuss the situation” is probably a good move, so long as she remains emotionally detached and doesn’t imply that anything was done “to her intentionally to ensure a loss.” She has the right to file a lawsuit to present evidence that the count is unreliable and all those other proper post-election motions.

Her best move is to use the opportunity on Fox to wash some of the Qanon stench that is strongly attached to her. Lake may or may not have a future in politics. She is strongly linked to Trump (Who also may or may not have a future in politics), which could easily translate to an identity with the Floridian-based “America First” movement. Though there is overlap, there are distinct differences between Qanon and America First. She has to get herself categorized as America first as soon as possible to keep her future options open.

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