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Devin Nunes Is Likely Headed For Unemployment After Trump Gets His Twitter Account Back

Devin Nunes left Congress to work at Truth Social, but he likely going to be out of a job now that Trump has his Twitter account back.

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Video of Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL):

Kinzinger said on CNN’s State Of The Union:

Well, look, I get that people are on all sides of the debate, and the fact that he did it with a poll of however many of those could be bots, they aren’t real people voting in that. Secondarily, I don’t know if some poll should make that decision.

What happened — remember specifically when this was all done, so not only was he lighting and accelerating the fire on January 6th, also before January 6th with his conspiracies, at the end of the day, he said this is what you get when a victory is so unceremoniously taken away from the American people, not only when it was done did he have any remorse, of course, you had an insurrection, that’s what you get when you steal an election. I remember seeing that tweet and being outraged at how after all of this is done you can still do that, and this idea that he’s going to come on and be reformed. Everybody knows he won’t.

By the way, as a quick aside, the person most upset probably is Devin Nunes, this is going to tank Truth Social.

Devin Nunes followed Trump, or more accurately the illusion of wealth that comes with being in business with Donald Trump, and the result is going to be a failed social media company that left the former congressman out of a job.

Trump can’t resist Twitter. It is his other true love, not named Sean Hannity, and when Trump starts riding the blue bird again, Devin Nunes will be kicked to the curb.

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