Here are some talking points to help with Thanksgiving

Biden Chief Of Staff Provides Thanksgiving Talking Points To Help You Survive Dinner With Your Fox News Watching Relatives

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:59 pm

Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain tweeted some talking points about Biden administration accomplishments to help deal with those Fox News-watching relatives around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Klain tweeted:

Those Fox News-watching MAGA relatives won’t know about the vast list of accomplishments that President Biden has put together in less than two years because conservative media doesn’t talk about them. Biden has rebuilt the US economy while getting shots in arms and saving lives.

Some of you reading this story might find yourself outnumbered and stuck in the middle of a MAGA Thanksgiving, so at least you can comfort yourself in knowing the facts while Uncle Bub in the corner repeats everything that he has heard on Tucker Carlson for the last two weeks.

I have never had the pleasure of a MAGA holiday meal, but it appears that for some Chief of Staff Klain’s talking points will come in handy. In fact, they might be a coping mechanism to get through a meal with relatives who have been radicalized by Trump and Fox News.

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