Jim Acosta calls Trump a global embarrassment./

Jim Acosta Calls Trump A Global Embarrassment While Shattering His Excuses

CNN’s Jim Acosta said that Trump palling around with Holocaust denies demonstrates that he is still a global embarrassment, and Acosta played clips of Trump claiming not to know other racists.


Acosta said while speaking about Trump’s Holocaust-denying Thanksgiving, “This really magnifies why Trump is a global embarrassment. This isn’t the first time Trump has claimed I didn’t know who that was. He famously said that same thing back in 2016 when he was asked about David Duke, the former KKK Grand Wizard supporting the Trump campaign at that time.” Acosta also played a clip of Trump praising the racists who attacked Charlottesville.

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The point of the segment that Acosta did with Charle Dent and Keith Boykin was that this is who Donald Trump is. His dinner with Nick Fuentes was nothing new and part of a pattern of continuing behavior for Trump.

It doesn’t matter if the world is embarrassed by Donald Trump. Until the Republican Party becomes embarrassed by the man leading them, nothing will change.

There is much talk in the nation about how Trump must be held accountable, but that accountability needs to start with the Republican Party. It doesn’t matter when Trump is criminally charged. As long as Republicans continue to enable and reward him, he will continue to embarrass the United States.


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