Kellyanne Conway Is Getting Grilled By The 1/6 Committee

Kellyanne Conway left the White House roughly six months before the 1/6 attack and Trump’s coup, but she is testifying before the 1/6 Committee.

<a href=”″>NBC News reported:</a>

<em>Conway spoke to the committee on the record, two sources familiar with her appearance said. The panel did not publicly issue her a subpoena, and aides refused to comment on whether she was issued one privately. The committee declined to comment on her appearance Monday.</em>

<em>When she left the meeting room for a break, Conway told reporters “I’m here voluntarily.” Asked when she last spoke with Trump by a reporter, Conway said he called her last week.</em>

By her own admission, Kellyanne Conway is still in contact with Trump, but why would the committee want to speak to someone who left the White House months before the attempted coup and attack on the Capitol?

The committee must have reason to believe that Conway can provide context or details that they are seeking as the final report is being prepared.

It is interesting that Conway, one of the most prominent and longest-serving Trump loyalists, would sit down and speak to the committee at this late stage of the investigation.

In a matter of weeks, the nation will see what Kellyanne Conway had to say, but if the committee did not have a reason for talking to her, she wouldn’t be there.