New House Democratic Leadership Delivers A Message That Could Doom Kevin McCarthy And Marjorie Taylor Greene

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:56 pm

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New House Democratic Whip Rep. Katherine Clark (D-MA) offered moderate Republicans to work with Democrats during the new Democratic leadership press conference.

Video of Clark:

Clark said:

The Republican agenda appears to be to continue to divide us to get power through division by turning neighbor on neighbor. But that is not what this caucus is here to do. It is not what the American people want. American people want solutions.

It is not just Democratic families that are struggling to afford child care and health care. It is not just Democratic families who are struggling to afford housing. It is not just Democratic women who want freedom to make their own decisions about their bodies. And it is not just Democratic families who want clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.

So we are going to come together as a caucus. Our door is open for any member from across the aisle who wants to get to work for the American people. And if they want to divide, if they want to obstruct, if they want to have political theater, instead of finding those solutions the American people want, then we will be here to oppose.

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If Democrats can find five moderate Republicans to work with them, they will have a majority in the House. If Democrats can find five Republicans to agree with them, they can pick the next Speaker of the House.

The next Congress will be unprecedented because Republicans won’t have the power to do much of anything legislatively without Democratic support. The outline is subtle, but there is a path for Democrats and moderate Republicans to have power over the House, and if that coalition develops, it could signal political doom for Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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