Trump Is Basically Promising A Coup In 2024

Trump is off the deep end and making it clear that he intends to try to take back power by any means necessary in 2024.

This was Trump’s post:

Trump is claiming that any election that he loses should be tossed out and a new one held because that is what the Founders would have wanted. Of course, the nation was founded in rebellion against the tyranny of a monarchy, which is defined as one person holding power and denying representation and voice to the population.

Donald Trump isn’t hiding it. He isn’t pretending to respect democracy. If the 2024 election doesn’t go in his favor, the failed former president is going to demand that the Constitution be removed, and a new election is held.

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This isn’t Trump blowing off steam or being a sore loser. It is Trump committing to destroying democracy in the United States. In his view, the only legitimate elections are the ones that he wins.

There was no system election fraud in 2020. Trump lost because he was a bad president who was beaten by a person who is a better president.

Trump is attacking democracy. He is telling the nation what he is going to do, and it would be a mistake to ignore him.

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