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Dave Chappelle Responds To Elon Musk Getting Booed At His Show By Mocking Poor People

Comedian Dave Chappelle brought Elon Musk on stage during his San Francisco show, and when the crowd booed Musk relentlessly, Chappelle mocked the people sitting in the cheaper upper levels.

Video of just a part of the booing:

The booing was constant. Musk could not get a word in. Chappelle tried to call the reaction a mix of cheers and boos, which just made the crowd boo louder and harder than they did before. Chappelle tried to claim the boos were coming from Twitter employees that Musk fired. Chappelle then said that all the people booing had terrible seats, and they were “way up there.”

Each time that Musk tried to speak, he was booed.

Dave Chappelle and Musk were not expecting such a loud and negative reaction. It turns out that billionaires who buy social media companies and burn them to the ground while spreading their far right-wing agenda are not popular people.

Twitter ownership has been a disaster for Elon Musk. His Tesla stock, which is the source of his wealth has taken a beating. Twitter has been a non-stop public relations nightmare, and as bad as the experience has become for users, it has given Musk a platform to trash his image.

The Dave Chappelle who became famous with The Dave Chappelle Show has been replaced by a trans-attacking pseudo-comedian who hangs out with and defends the richest man on earth.

Dave Chappelle is now an elitist who looks down on the people who spend their hard-earned money to sit in the ‘bad seats.’ The easiest way to solve that is to make sure that when Chappelle shows up at his next gig make sure that all of the ‘bad seats’ are empty.

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