House to vote on Puerto Rico self-determination

House Democrats Announce Deal On Bipartisan Bill To Allow Puerto Rico Potential Statehood

House Majority leader Rep. Steny Hoyer has announced the House will vote on a bipartisan bill that will allow Puerto Rico to determine its own status.

Hoyer tweeted:

If the Senate also passes the legislation, Puerto Rico will get to decide if it wants to pursue statehood, independence, or sovereignty in free association with the US.

The one hurdle could be the Senate, where the bill was negotiated, and it will take ten Republicans to pass it.

It would be great for Democrats if Puerto Rico would choose statehood, as Puerto Rico as the 51st state would likely give Democrats two more senators.

However, with Republicans about to take over the House, and Puerto Rican statehood requiring congressional action, it is unlikely that Puerto Rico will have much of a chance of becoming the 51st state until Democrats have full control of the federal government again.

House Democrats are putting a marker down for the future and letting everyone know that self-determination for Puerto Rico will be a priority for the next Democratic House majority.

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