Donald Trump Jr. Blames Democratic Governors For Texas crisis

Donald Trump Jr. Claims There Is A Conspiracy Trying To Make The Right Look Crazy

Donald Trump Jr. claimed with zero evidence that Twitter was elevating people to make the entire right look crazy.


Donald Trump Jr. said at a Turning Point USA event, “The people who can’t articulate a point who look ridiculous. The people on the right. We all have lunatics, and they’ll boost that’s the fight between the one rational leftist and the lunatic right. They’ve been doing this forever, but now we see it.”

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I don’t think the problem is that social media like Twitter is trying to elevate the crazy on the right. Maybe the problem is that the right is crazy.

There is no vast conspiracy to make the right look bad. They are doing it all by themselves.

Donald Trump Jr. was trying to pull a version of the excuse that not everyone on the right is crazy, but the crazy ones get all of the attention.

It seems like Trump is trying to make excuses for his father, and explain away how the people who carried about an insurrection are being made to look bad by social media.

Donald Trump Jr. was engaged in preemptive excuse-making, as he tries to explain away why Republicans continue to lose elections because social media like Twitter makes them misunderstood.



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