E. Jean Carroll laughs at Trump

E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyers Ask Judge To Release Trump’s Deposition

E. Jean Carroll’s lawyers have asked the judge hearing her civil rape case against Trump to release his deposition in the defamation case.

Politico reported:
Attorneys for Carroll want to bring the case to trial in April, when the original defamation suit was scheduled to be tried. Trump’s lawyers want to push it back to later in the year. Kaplan said he would decide on a schedule later Wednesday.

Lawyers for the plaintiff are also pushing to release the deposition Trump gave in the case, which is currently sealed.

The public release of the defamation deposition would not be good for Trump. The failed former president has not stopped defaming Carroll in public, so it would be fascinating to see if he sang the same tune under oath.
E. Jean Carroll sued Trump for rape on Thanksgiving, and now she is trying to get his deposition released for Christmas.

Between the 1/6 Committee, his tax returns, and E. Jean Carroll it seems like Donald Trump is being visited by the ghosts of potential crimes past, president, and future.

Any Christmas carol that ends with a Trump criminal indictment or a civil rape judgment against him is likely one that a majority of Americans will sing with joy.

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