George Santos is a problem for the new Republican House Majority

Calls Grow For George Santos’s Lawyer To Be Referred As An Accomplice To Fraud

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) suggested that George Santos’s lawyer be referred to the NY State Bar Association for making false statements and being an accomplice to fraud.

George Santos has admitted that he lied about his education and work history. Santos defrauded the voters of New York’s third congressional district and he had help from a lawyer who falsely claimed that The New York Times story exposing Santos’s fraud was not true.

It was apparently a widely known fact in Republican circles that Santos and his lawyer were lying.

This fact makes it unlikely that Republicans will refuse to seat Santos or hold a vote to expel him from the House if he is seated.

Rep. Swalwell is on to something with his tweet. The legal and criminal justice system is going to have to step in because, just as with Trump if Republicans won’t do what they should do, the courts and the criminal justice system will have to do it for them.

Santos’s lawyer should probably be prepared for a complaint being filed to the New York Bar Association. The Santos is still growing, and it could easily swallow the House Republican caucus and its tiny new majority.

Jason Easley
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