Rep. Hakeem Jeffries holds his first press conference as House Democratic Leader Elect.

House Democrats Refuse To Help Kevin McCarthy

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:56 pm

House Democrats have stated that they will vote for Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries on every ballot, as Kevin McCarthy will get zero Democratic votes for Speaker.


Zach Cohen of Bloomberg said on C-SPAN that Democrats plan to vote for Hakeem Jeffries on every ballot in the Speaker of the House election, and it is up to Republicans to sort out their own situation.

In other words, Kevin McCarthy can expect to get zero help from House Democrats in his bid to become the next Speaker. McCarthy made this mess, and Democrats aren’t going to save him.

Rep. McCarthy has made a series of terrible decisions going back to his alignment with Trump after the Capitol attack. McCarthy followed that horrible decision by pulling his members from the 1/6 Committee. He then misread the electorate and turned a red wave into a four-seat majority. Rep. McCarthy then made a deal with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene that got him nothing.

McCarthy then tried to make a deal with his opposition that would have left him powerless and ineffective even if he won the speakership.

Democrats have been bailing out inept, dysfunctional congressional Republicans for over a decade, but not anymore.

Kevin McCarthy is on his own, as Democrats will stay unified behind their new House leader.

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