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Moderate House GOP May Bolt And Form ‘Coalition Government’ With Democrats

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:56 pm

The conversations have started on a potential House government between moderate Republicans and Democrats if the House GOP can’t get it together.

It would just take six House Republicans who decide they don’t want to live in crazy land for the next two years for a coalition majority to happen. It is important to note that these conversations are not originating with Democratic House leadership. This is something moderates are starting to rumble about and kick around.

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A coalition majority would be a dream come true for President Biden and an absolute nightmare come to life for House Republicans. The House GOP does not have a strong mandate. They have a tiny four-seat majority gifted to them by Gov. Ron DeSantis’s gerrymander of the state of Florida.

If McCarthy and the Never Kevins don’t yield their respective positions, the idea of a coalition majority could gain some traction.

Moderate House Republicans will stand with Kevin McCarthy for now, but the fact that a few of them are listening to their moderate Democratic friends is an ominous sign for the GOP.


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